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My gallbladder died-emergency removal
Gallstones-My risk=11.1%=1.58x7.0%Typ.
Hypertriglyceridemia [started decade ago], yet my data says I have typical odds:
Diagnosed as bipolar for almost two decades and meds made my high stress career liveable, 
but my data says I have reduced odds:
rs4948418- CC

True Believers think:
1.Large segment sizes are passed intact and are proof we have detectable cousins. 
2.Segments are tested and can be detected in 23andMe raw data. 
3.They are doing a public service when they stalk others to proselytize and/or intimidate 
them with harassment. 
4.I care about their opinions even when Iam mostly revolted by them. manipulative and 
abusive stalking of me on every post, including those where I originated the topic. 
5.Consider it their duty to derail the posts and topics of with whom they disagree with 
personal attacks and irrelevant off topic provocations.
Invisible Pink Unicorn in its Natural Habitat
With the Hopes that our World is built on they were utterly out of touch,
They denied that the Moon was Stilton; they denied she was even Dutch;
They denied that Wishes were Horses; they denied that a Pig had Wings;
So we worshipped the Gods of the Market Who promised these beautiful things.
Rudyard Kipling-The Gods of the Copybook Headings
Do not try to convince the True Believers.

This is my list to remind myself not to respond to their provoking remarks:
GeeBee of Bavaria:
altai volk:
Maureen Higgins Markov:
Glenn N.:


Family Surnames
Beauchamp, Bird, Blythe, Carruthers, Childress, Ehart, Fielding, Gowder, Hall, Headen, 
Hobson, Hueston, Little, Massey, McConnell, McDonald, Montgomery, Moore, Norwood, 
Reinholds, Reynolds, Rucker, Scharf, Shurvington, Woods, Work

Family Locations
Oregon, Washington, Kentucky, Arkansas, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, 
Virginia, Scotland, Kent, England, Ireland, Germany, France, Ireland, Isle of Sky,

Geographic Facts: 
Father-orphaned in Denver;lived in Nebraska. Mother born Arkansas;ancestry in KY, GA, SC, 

My maternal lineage is, starting with my mother:
Noda Moore-AR
Lillian Rucker-AR
Susan Willie Caldoni Saffroni Little-AR
Susan Childress-AR
Susan Elvina Childress-GA
Sarah Massey-NC
Sarah Work-SC
Margaret [Unknown]-VA
This is a reader's digest version of my maternal lineage:

Diagnosed Type II Diabetes though my data say I have average risk:
Type 2 Diabetes:My Risk=25.3%=.98x25.7% Typical risk
I have T2D/Type II Diabetes and one maternal aunt who has it. It did not start until my 
mid-50s. I retired from 26 years of working in corrections, which kept me physically 
I have hypertriglerides and we have them under control, which may be why my 
mother/aunts were affected with late onset AD.  Diet does not seem to work. Meds do not 
seem to work. I may have to exercise more. 

All my med. history is documented with my health insurance company and my offspring are 
few, so I am willing to participate in any research. My full genome sequence for my mtDNA 
is already public with the NCIB and I am an open book on my medical history.

I am diagnosed and treated for being bipolar. The True Believers who have not yet 
admitted and gotten treatment are a pain.

I am J1c3d yDNA and H3 mtDNA per FTDNA.These are my places for data on my DNA:

Haplogroup J1c3d-P58+ M267+ L147.1+ M369- M368- M367- L65.2- L222.2- L174-

Haplogroup - H3
HVR1 differences from CRS:16519C 
HVR2 differences from CRS:263G,315.1C 
CR differences from CRS:750G,1438G,4769G,6776C,714­8C, 8860G,15326G,15519C

My mtDNA Fasta File
My mtDNA Data Processed
Autosomal STRS:
Notes On My 23andMe Raw Data
My mtDNA haplogroup/haplotype: 
My mtDNA disease profile: 
My yDNA haplotype 
My yDNA haplogroup 
My autosomal STRs 
23andMe kit number:
GED M211533
GED M083415
GED Kit Number: F125649
FTDNA Kit Number: 125649A
My raw data at:
Process it at one of the following.
Database for Autism:
List of SNP-trait associations

On FTDNA, my shared cM runs from 20.77cM to 66.02cM and includes 138 individuals.
23andM for the same range of 20.77cm to 66.02cM in RF, it includes 41 individuals.
About Me
Tiffany at 23andMe Customer Service (Tiffany B.) wrote:Dec 20, 2011
(6 hours ago)
We have suspended your Community posting privileges effective immediately. Your recent posts are in violation of the Terms of Service agreement as well as our Community Guidelines. See 
Please note that you still have the ability to send and receive messages and invitations. Also, this revocation does not affect access to your data or account. Should we receive reports from other users that you are abusing the messaging system, that privilege will also be terminated immediately without notice.
Let me know if you have any questions.

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